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Squad Medical Consultants provides virtual consultations with healthcare providers on your schedule no insurance required

The Squad Model

Squad Medical Consultants believes that everything in life is about connection. In some way, shape, or form, all of us are connected universally. Throughout history humans have worked in cooperation for advancement of our species. Technology, knowledge and beliefs continue to expand and advance, providing tools to connect with and help each other, even as we move physically apart.

Squad Medical Consultants provides a patient-centered model for movement re-education through virtual consultations with health care providers that you choose at a time that you works for you.

Squad Medical Consultants uses a combination of media and video conferencing to coach clients out of pain via a one-on-one personal consultation over the internet with a movement provider or mentor of your choice. Your experience, consisting of subjective history, movement assessment, and goal planning, will result in an in-depth plan laying out specific movement and/or lifestyle modifications to help you return to your best self. Squad Medical Consultants are also available for paid advising including business and social media strategy, brick and mortar business grown and development and physical therapy/chiropractic undergrad mentorship to prepare students for graduate school success. A Squad Medical Consultation is intended for educational purposes and is not a substitute for a medical appointment.

We are proud to be able to connect you to some of the best health and movement minds available, however we do not bill insurance providers. This is due in part to state-to-state differences and license restrictions, as well as the fact that we cannot diagnose or "treat" specific illnesses via an online platform. Our consultations are informational and coaching based, are not covered by your insurance company and are not a substitute for medical advice or a face-to-face visit with a health care provider.


  • 1 Hour Consultation: $225
  • 3-Pack Consultation Package including an initial consultation, follow up and long term planning session: $600 (Save $75)

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Squad Medical Consultants is a one-of-a-kind virtual consultation platform designed to connect you with leading experts in the fields of rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and movement. Squad provides business and mentorship opportunities as well. Unlike most other virtual consultation platforms, Squad Medical Consultants has a specific on-boarding process to ensure you can make the most of your time spent with your consultant. Whether you are seeking to get out of pain, improve performance, or trying to take the next step in your career, Squad Medical Consultants offers virtual consultations with vetted industry leaders across the globe.

Milica McDowell

Milica McDowell

Milica McDowell, MS, DPT, ACSM-HFS is a sports medicine professional, speaker, kinesiology instructor, exercise science consultant and physical therapist.

Milica provides consultations regarding the shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle as well as medical practice business development and physical therapy/chiropractic undergrad mentorship.

Shante Cofield

Shanté Cofield

C. Shanté Cofield, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF-L1, a.k.a. The Movement Maestro, is an international presenter, podcaster, and instructor of movement professionals.

Shanté provides business coaching to healthcare professionals, with a focus on brand strategy and the ever-growing digital marketplace

Courtney Conley

Courtney Conley

Courtney Conley, DC, educator and clinician specializing in improving function and performance in endurance athletes with a focus on gait biomechanics.

Courtney specializes in foot and ankle conditions as well as walking and/or running gait assessments.

Joe Lavaca

Joe Lavacca

Joe Lavacca, PT, DPT, OCS, CFSC, FMS, FMT-C, SFMA, is an experienced outpatient orthopedic clinician and educator specializing in in sports rehabilitation.

Offering consultations in hip, knee, foot, spine and shoulder dysfunction as well as common Crossfit injury and movement enhancement.